Fellowship of the Word and Spirit

What is the Fellowship of the Word and Spirit?  Well, a fellowship is a group of likeminded people who commit to a common purpose.  The common purpose of this particular fellowship is to order our lives around the presence, work, and grace of the Living Word and the Holy Spirit.  It is a way to say that I commit to living according to the rule of life of The Word and Spirit, specifically through ordering my devotional life around the seven sacred practices of Prayer, Study, Meditation, Poverty of Spirit, Kenosis (Self-Emptying), Compassion, and Kindness.

If The Word and Spirit has impacted your life, consider joining us in this common purpose.  There are no dues or financial costs or contractual commitments.  This is not a church; nor is it some secret organization!  It is simply people of all walks of life and faith communities coming together to agree to order their lives in such a way that they will open themselves up to the presence of God through The Word and Spirit.

Read the covenant statement below, print it out, sign it, and put it somewhere that you will see every day, so that it will serve as a reminder of the life we have chosen in God.  That’s all!  We’d love to here from you, though.  Email us and let us know if you have chosen to live within The Fellowship of the Word and Spirit.




(1) PRAYER – I commit to praying primarily as an act of holy listening, which leads to honest, trusting, and truthful communication with God.

(2) STUDY – I commit to sitting with the weekly Word, deeply exploring it within the overall story of Scripture, along with intentional, regular daily readings.

(3) MEDITATION – I commit to regular, daily thoughtful reflection about God and the things of God’s kingdom, as I ponder my place within the life of God.

(4) POVERTY OF SPIRIT – I commit in speech and action to live as a part of something greater than myself, humbly choosing God’s reality above my own preferences.

(5) KENOSIS (SELF-EMPTYING) – I commit to ordering my resources in such a way that I am a conduit of God’s grace, pouring God’s love into others as God pours love into me.

(6) COMPASSION – I commit to suffering with others in a spirit of grace-filled advocacy and presence in those specific areas of need which God has called me to engage.

(7) KINDNESS – I commit to the loving care of all creation through gentle, faithful words and actions.


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