Coffee Break – November 25, 2020

Join Pastor Josh for a 10-15 minute Coffee Break each week and reflect on what the Word of God is saying to us individually and as a family of faith. Just click on the video below!

This week’s texts: Acts 12:1 through Acts 13:52

Daily Scripture Readings:

When the people of God read Scripture together, then they can hear the voice of God and catch the vision of God’s kingdom together.  Consider joining us in this daily Bible reading plan – a plan that allows us to slowly and intentionally hear the voice of God in Scripture together.  Happy reading!

Wednesday, November 25 – Acts 14:1-7
Thursday, November 26 – Acts 14:8-20
Friday, November 27 – Acts 14:21-28
Saturday, November 28 – Acts 15:1-11
Sunday, November 29 – Acts 15:12-21
Monday, November 30 – Acts 15:22-29
Tuesday, December 1 – Acts 15:30-41

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