Weekly Meditation – November 20, 2020

Weekly Scripture: Ephesians 1:15-23


Paul was always sure to express his deep love for the people he was writing to and he did this by expressing gratitude for them.  It has been such a difficult year and we have had to isolate from so many people we care for.  Perhaps that is reason now more than ever to give thanks for those in our lives – to express that to God, but also to the people we are thankful for.  Take a moment and picture in your imagination the people you care for most deeply.  Perhaps they are people who are no longer with us or those you have not seen for a long time.  Embrace them, share a smile with them, or maybe just simply look into their eyes.  As you do this, express gratitude to God for them in whatever manner you choose.

Now consider the people you are physically close to – perhaps your household members, or your coworkers, or your neighbors.  Have you expressed gratitude for them?  Have you expressed gratitude to them?  Sometimes it is easy for us to overlook the people in closest proximity to ourselves.  How might you show gratitude to those around you in an active, purposeful manner?

One way Paul expresses his gratitude is in praying for the Ephesians to receive the good gifts of God.  He asks God to give them wisdom, to draw them close to him so that they might know him, and to reveal his power to them.  How might you pray for those you are grateful for?  What do you want God to do in their lives or to give them?  How might you – as an act of Thanksgiving – help God fulfill that prayer for them?  A grateful heart begins with recognizing the true treasures that surround you.  May you see this week how richly God has blessed you and may you give thanks.

Breath Prayer: LORD God, thank you.

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