Weekly Meditation – October 23, 2020

Weekly Scripture: Psalm 1


Two questions come to mind when I read this psalm. First, I wonder what my root system looks like. We are all rooted and grounded in something. There are many factors that contribute to our rootedness – our family dynamics, our core relationships, our formative experiences. Other factors compete for a place within our root system, or maybe even the place as our foundational root – our job, our possessions and our quest for financial security, or our allegiances to everything from politics to our favorite sports teams. This psalm reminds us that being rooted and grounded in God and God’s Word is a pathway to blessedness and true happiness. What is your life rooted in?

We might even be tempted to think of roots in a negative way, as if they hold us down and keep us from moving forward or upward in life. But everything that is built by human hands or grows organically has a root system – whether it is the foundation and structural supports of a building, or the literal roots and trunk of a tree that allow it to branch out and bear fruit, or even the umbilical cord that provides life for a baby in the womb and the bones that provide structure for a living, active body. God does not mean to restrict us with the roots of his love, presence, and Word. Instead, God desires to provide us the structure on which human flourishing and spiritual abundance can grow. How might you take root within God and God’s Word?

The second question that comes to mind flows from this first question of rootedness. What nourishes me? Roots branch out toward sources of water and minerals vital to growth. The psalmist says that those who take root in God’s Word “are like trees planted by streams of water.” God nourishes us with the living water of the Holy Spirit and – as a result – we bear the spiritual fruit of love, joy, and kindness. When infused with such spiritual nourishment, we stay strong and green, even when the world around us grows dry and dull. Other things promise to nourish us and to give us what we need for a full life. Anything other than the nourishment of the Holy Spirit amounts only to spiritual junk food. It cannot sustain us and might even steal life from us. However, the nourishment of the Holy Spirit is always refreshing and life-giving. What nourishes your soul? How might you feast on the goodness of God through the Holy Spirit today?

Stay rooted and grounded in God and his Word daily, receiving the renewal and nourishment of the Holy Spirit.

Breath Prayer: LORD God, feed us with your grace.

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