Weekly Meditation – August 6, 2020

Weekly Scripture: 1 Kings 19:9-18



There are so many distractions in life – so many voices competing for our attention. Life is busy, even in this season in which we’ve been forced to slow down a little bit. Sometimes we use the noise and busyness to distract us from our own thoughts. To slow down and listen to our internal voice would force us to deal with pain, sadness, and even brokenness that we’d rather not deal with. We can use the rush of life as a defense mechanism against attending to the storms raging within us.  In what ways are you feeling the burden of the rush and clamor of life?

God is asking you to slow down. God regularly invites us into times of stillness and solitude – just like this moment of meditation we enter into right now. These are recreative moments, in which we can pause, recognize God’s loving presence, and be renewed by undistracted fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Such moments lead us into a holy stream of healing and comfort.  What would it look like for you if you slowed down in life?  What might you gain if you slowed down?  What might you have to give up if you were to take more holy pauses in life?

In our Scripture for this week, Elijah was forced to slow down by the elements of life that posed a threat to him and his safety. The evil king and queen were seeking him out to destroy him and destroy his influence over the people. Hiding away in solitude was not necessarily a choice for him, but a necessity. God used the solitude and silence to speak to Elijah. He was able to get Elijah’s attention in a soft whisper. From there, God was able to assure Elijah that he was not alone, that he had others who would support his prophetic work. God was also able to instruct Elijah, giving him a clear vision as to what God wanted him to do next. God was setting up a support system, of which God was the cornerstone source of strength, in this moment of holy pause.

Imagine that God has called out to you, asking you to come before him as he passes in front of you. Feel the mighty power of God’s presence with you. Watch as God battles the winds, earthquakes, and fires raging around you. They will not destroy you. Eventually, God’s peace is all that remains. Everything has been stilled. And God whispers…

What message is God whispering to you today?  What does God want to say to you in this quiet moment?  Sit with the still, yet strong, voice of God.  In the holy presence of God, find pause; in this pause, find peace.

Breath Prayer: LORD God, calm our hearts.






Music Credit: Lonely Boy, Written by Adrian Dominic Walther, Performed by Alsever Lake, Produced by Alsever Lake, Licensed via http://www.soundstripe.com.

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