Holy Week Prayer Vigil – Monday

During Holy Week – as we have to be separated from one another and kept from gathering in the sanctuary – we will be keeping vigil with one another as we pray with the stained-glass windows from our sanctuary at First UMC in Warner Robins.  Each day we’ll have a theme, meditation, personal prayer focus, and closing prayer.  Spend some time in meditation with the image and then commit to a time of personal prayer centered on the daily prayer focus.  

Theme: The birth of Jesus, light of the world and living Word.





Look at the image above.  The One who is both the light of the world and the living Word has come to the earth as the Holy Infant, Jesus.  How might Jesus be born anew in you today?  Notice that Joseph holds a lantern, symbolizing both the presence of the Holy Spirit and the light of Jesus Christ that dispels the darkness.  How do you need to be enlightened today?  Mary holds a cloth that unfolds like a scroll, symbolizing the scrolls of the Law and the Prophets, which Jesus comes to fulfill.  What word is Jesus speaking into you today?  Notice how each is looking at the other: Joseph looks lovingly at Mary; Mary looks with joy at the Christ Child; the infant Jesus looks out at us – the ones he came to save with compassion.  Where is your focus fixed today?  You are invited into their family – into the warmth and light of Jesus, into the truth and power of the Word being spoken into the world, into the intimacy and tenderness shared between a husband, wife, and child.  What difference will it make in your life to be a part of the family of God?  You are invited into the life of Jesus!  Where will this invitation lead you?

Personal Prayer Focus: Your family and the strengthening of families in your community and around the world.

Closing Prayer:

LORD God, thank you for inviting us into the embrace of the Holy Family.  Prepare us for all the highs and lows of this week.  Just as a family experiences grief, loss, joy, celebration, and closeness, let us experience these with the assurance that Jesus has claimed us for his own.  Amen.

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