Mark 1 – Scripture Reflection

Read: Mark 1:1-45

Centering Verse: John said, “I have baptized you with water; but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”  (Mark 1:8)


  • What does it mean to be baptized with the Holy Spirit? How do you know if you are?
  • Why did Jesus move on to the neighboring towns when the people of Capernaum still wanted to hear his message?
  • Why would Jesus not want the leper who was healed to tell anyone about what Jesus did for him?
  • How are you being called to follow Jesus?


We are told that this writing addresses the good news of Jesus.  Jesus himself then preaches about the good news.  But we do not get a specific description of what the content of this good news is from Jesus or from Mark – at least not in an easy to decipher format, such as “The good news is…”  We hear that the Kingdom of God is near and that we are to turn away from sin and turn toward that kingdom, but what does this mean?  Yet we see in the actions of Jesus what the good news is – healing has come from God through Jesus.  This is a healing that cleanses.  We are made whole by the activity of Jesus Christ.  He is not just an idea or a theological concept; Jesus is alive and active in the world today.  As Jesus baptizes us with the Holy Spirit, he is breaking down the barriers between God and humankind.  The same Spirit who sealed Jesus on the day of his baptism, seals our lives securely in the presence and authority of God.  This is indeed good news!

Closing Prayer: 

LORD God, who pours out your love and grace to all humankind, baptize us in the Holy Spirit.  May we continue the good work of Jesus in our lives today.  Amen.

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