John 2 – Scripture Reflection

Read: John 2:1-25

Centering Verse: His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” (John 2:5)


  • How have you experienced the miraculous power of God?
  • What “good wine” has Jesus held back in your life until now (see verses 9 and 10)?
  • What does Jesus need to drive out of your life in order for you to be pure and holy?
  • Is it a comfort or a challenge to know that Jesus knows what is inside of you (see verse 25)?  Why?


Jesus experiences two normal human celebrations in this chapter – the marriage feast and the religious gathering.  The marriage feast is festive and free, as all are open to experience the joy of the occasion.  Jesus honors the event with the miraculous transformation of water into wine, creating an even more festive environment.  The religious gathering is oppressive and restrictive.  The powers that be have instituted a financial system within the setting of worship that is meant to exploit the poor.  Jesus challenges the event by breaking down the system.  Within the marriage feast the work of Jesus is accepted and cheered.  Within the religious gathering, the work of Jesus is challenged and seen as threatening.  There is a lesson for those of us who are religious.  What is the tenor of our encounters with Jesus?  Do we let him take control and bring blessing or do we try to seize control and stifle the Spirit?  Perhaps we need to allow Jesus to clear out our temples, so that we might know the joy of the new wine of the feast.

Closing Prayer: 

Our Father, who poured out your power through our Lord Jesus Christ, move within us today.  May we be receptive to your grace as you shape us from old into new.  Amen.

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