Christmas Devotion – Tuesday, December 25

Read: Luke 2:7-20 

Centering Verse: To you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord. (Luke 2:11)


  • How have you experienced the glory of God this season?
  • How might you be an ambassador of peace for God?
  • What will it look like for the Christ child to abide within you throughout the year?
  • How, like Mary, can you treasure all that God has done for you and ponder that good work within you?


The long wait is over and Christmas is here!  Yet, this is just the beginning of a new experience of God.  From Bethlehem, God will lead his son to the cross, the empty tomb, the throne of heaven, and back to us in final victory.  This is a “hinge” moment.  All of human history turns upon this event.  All that happened before prepared the world for Christ.  All that happens afterward points back to Christ and prepares the world for the fullness of the Kingdom of God.  So where do you go from here?  The Savior has been born and given to you in grace.  Will you make room for him after the celebrations are over?  Making your life a hospitable place for the Lord to dwell year-round is the most important takeaway of this journey we have been on.  The road goes beyond Bethlehem and weaves its way into whatever places you find yourself in going forward.  You might leave Bethlehem, but the God of Bethlehem goes with you, leading you all the way.

Closing Prayer: LORD God, live in me as I live in you.

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