Advent Devotion – Monday, December 24

Read: Luke 2:1-6

Centering Verse: While they were there, the time came for her to deliver her child. (Luke 2:6)


  • What do you think the journey was like for Joseph and Mary? How would you feel if you were in their situation?
  • Remember a time in which you were at the cusp of receiving something you had waited a long time for. How did you feel?  How did you deal with the anticipation?


The night before my oldest daughter, Claire, was born, we were watching Wheel of Fortune.  One of the puzzle answers was “Daddy’s Little Girl.”  I was nervous, excited, frightened, and overjoyed all at the same time.  There was something about that simple little occurrence that set my heart a little more at ease.  Many other dads had been at that point.  I was not the first person who was going to welcome “Daddy’s Little Girl” into the world.  There is also a great deal of comfort knowing that the Lord of Heaven and Earth came into the world in such an awe-inspiring, yet common, way.  I am sure that Joseph and Mary were feeling that same mix of emotions as they finished their journey to Bethlehem and settled in for that long night of fulfilled promises.  In Jesus Christ, God knows our experience.  God knows our emotions.  God knows our fears.  And the answer to it all is God’s never-failing presence.

Closing Prayer: LORD God, calm our hearts with your peace.

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