Advent Devotion – Thursday, December 20

Read: Isaiah 55:6-13

Centering Verse: Seek the LORD while he may be found, call upon him while he is near. (Isaiah 55:6)


  • In what ways have you experienced the nearness of God?
  • How are God’s ways and thoughts higher than ours?
  • In what ways have you had to change in order to live a more godly life? How do you still need to change?
  • How does nature/creation glorify God?


Have you ever installed one of those apps on your phone that tells you exactly how much time you have spent surfing and playing on it throughout the day?  Or have you ever finished the tenth episode of a binge-watching session and realized that hours have gone by without you even knowing it?  If we are honest, we have all used the excuse that we just do not have time to attend to the practices of our faith.  Who has the time to read the Bible and pray when we are so busy?  And yet, we waste so much time in any given day.  Re-creation and rest are important.  But praying and reading Scripture—seeking the LORD—can be the most re-creative and rest-filled experiences when we do them out of a desire to spend time with God and not out of compulsion or a begrudging sense of duty.  The promise is that when we seek God, we will find God.  And I promise that finding God will be more fulfilling than another cat video on Facebook or episode on Netflix!

Closing Prayer: LORD God, draw us nearer to you.

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