Advent Devotion – Tuesday, December 18

Read: 2 Peter 3:8-15a 

Centering Verse: Therefore, beloved, while you are waiting for these things, strive to be found by him at peace, without spot or blemish. (2 Peter 3:14)


  • How have you experienced God’s patience?
  • How can we model godly patience with others?
  • What around and within you is eternal and what will pass away?
  • How did God lead you to repentance? How is God leading you into sanctification?


Our time of waiting upon Christ is a time of refinement.  We are not called to “get saved” and then spend the rest of our lives twiddling our thumbs waiting for Heaven.  Instead, the life of the Christ follower is a life of purification.  We are not as much waiting for Heaven as we are being prepared for Heaven.  Sanctification is such a vital part of our Wesleyan heritage.  Once we are justified (brought back into relationship with God in Christ), we enter into the process of sanctification (being brought closer to God while being made more like Christ).  This refinement is closely related to peace, according to Peter.  We find peace when we sacrifice our personal will for the character of Christ.  God is not using these seasons to entertain us, but to shape us.  There is a rough place to smooth out, a crack to fill, and a smudge to polish as we wait for Christ to return.  Will you make room for God to do just this?

Closing Prayer: LORD God, prepare us for you.

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