Advent Devotion – Sunday, December 16

Read: Psalm 24:1-10 

Centering Verse: Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? And who shall stand in his holy place? (Psalm 24:3)


  • If everything belongs to God, what does that mean for your life?
  • How do we clean our hands and purify our hearts before God?
  • How has God lifted you up to experience his glory?
  • How has God met you at your level?


Do you ever feel like God is too far away, too distant, too high and lifted up to access?  God is exalted on high and enthroned in the heavens.  We are here in the trenches of earth, sloshing about in the mud and dirt of everyday life.  What is the solution?  The solution for God was to come down to us—to meet us where we are at.  Have you ever wondered why Jesus was born in a manger in the middle of a dusty stable filled with animals?  That way no one could ever say that God could not identify with them.  God has visited us in the basest environments of earth to remind us that we do not have to work our way upward to him.  He has come to lift us up to his side.  You do not have to “get it all together” and make yourself worthy before you encounter God.  God is always waiting for you just around the corner.  When the King of Glory seems far away, remember that the Prince of Peace has walked in our experiences and knows firsthand our feelings of hope, fear, disappointment, and wonder.  After all, how could someone who would give up Heaven to face our fragile world with us ever be far away?

Closing Prayer: LORD God, visit us and lift us toward you.

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