Advent Devotion – Thursday, December 13

Read: Genesis 3:8-15 

Centering Verse: He will strike your head, and you will strike his heel. (Genesis 3:15b)


  • When have you felt like hiding from God? How has God come looking for you?
  • How is God calling us to accountability different from shame?
  • How is God crushing evil within our world?
  • How might God use you to combat evil in the world?


We might not typically think of this story when we think of Advent, but within the account of the first human sin is the first Messianic promise.  In this passage, God describes the interaction between the offspring of Adam and Eve and the serpent.  Though the serpent will strike an injurious blow to the seed of Adam and Eve, his own head will be crushed by this one who avenges our first parents.  In this battle between the ultimate good and evil, good will prevail.  Evil can only bring temporary destruction; yet goodness will give a mortal wound to evil.  This is ultimately fulfilled in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ—the one whom Paul called the second Adam.  Even when we were at our lowest point as human beings, even when we had entered into fellowship with evil, God was designing a way to bring us back to him.  That way was, is, and always will be Jesus Christ.

Closing Prayer: LORD God, crush evil among us.

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